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Friday 5: Ink, Iron, and Glass

by Amy D
  • Currently drinking: Black Silk Coffee and watching it rain…again.
  • Currently reading: French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain. ( I can’t wait to review this one. Antoine Laurain has become one of my favorite authors recently. )
  • Currently wishing for: My yard to return to a yard instead of the lake that it is now.
  • Currently on my menu at home: This week we fried up a monster batch of fresh morel mushrooms. I don’t know how most people do theirs, but I like to dip mine in buttermilk and then in flour seasoned with this Cajun seasoning. Then just fry them golden brown.  We’ve I’ve also been eating a lot of cake… May is a stressful, busy month! Morels

Let me tell you, I’ve been reading a ton lately, but the last several books I’ve read have been terrible. I might have held up my returns when I went to the library and announced to everyone, “This book had no redeeming value whatsoever. I do NOT recommend it.”

Okay, yes, I did that. I used to work there and they are used to my brand of weird. 

Here’s one that didn’t stink.

Ink, Iron, and Glass by Gwendolyn Clare

A certain pen, a certain book, and a certain person can craft entirely new worlds through a branch of science called scriptology. Elsa comes from one such world that was written into creation, where her mother―a noted scriptologist―constantly alters and expands their reality.

But when her home is attacked and her mother kidnapped, Elsa is forced to cross into the real world and use her own scriptology gifts to find her. In an alternative Victorian Italy, Elsa finds a secret society of young scientists with a gift for mechanics, alchemy, or scriptology―and meets Leo, a gorgeous mechanist with a smart mouth and tragic past. She recruits the help of these fellow geniuses just as an assassin arrives on their doorstep.

Ink Iron Glass

I love steampunk and the premise of this book sounded like a lot of fun, who wouldn’t love to be able to write their own world? This story is set in an alternate Victorian Italy. Elsa lives in Veldana, a scribed world.  But when her mother is abducted, she must leave her home to find and save her mother. Elsa ends up in Casa della Pazzia -House of Madness- where she meets a group of gifted young orphans who band together and help her find her mother. They face many dangers, solve puzzles, fight assassins and strange creatures.

Overall this was a fun book. A bit slow at times, but with enough action and intrigue to keep you interested. And no spoilers, but I’ll just say the ending was quite a shocker. 

Rating: 3.5/5


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